Pure Organique Hair and Body Care Combo

This combo pack offers great care for Hair and Body, Khadi Organique Rose and honey Body wash has the magical power of the humble rose infused with Honey, the nectar of life enthuse your body and spirit. Khadi Organique Vitamin C Aloe vera Gel works as potent antioxidant, a good skin care regimen which slows down the signs of ageing for brightening and fades pigmentation of skin. It lowers melanin production for a pleasant skin toning which occurs as result of UV exposure. Extremely beneficial for preventing wrinkles formation and skin blemishes discoloration for promoting soft & glowing skin. KHADI ORGANIQUE Anti Hair-fall Hair cleanser enhances the feeling of fresher’s well-being for refreshes and control hair-fall, reduces premature greying, fights with dirts and pollutant particles, regeneration of newly hair follicles, equally balancing the production of sebum. Jatamansi and Basil combination invigorates deeply penetration in hair follicles resulting thicker, shiner & silkier luxuriant voluminous hair growth.

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