Khadi Organique Combo for Complete Hair Care

This special combo has been designed for complete hair care and damage control , 18 Herbs Hair Oil based an herbal Ayurvedic at Khadi Organique is a blend of carefully chosen herbs that provide strength to the hair naturally as well as balance the mind. An assurance of hair-growth, frizz-free hair and a solution for dandruff, this effective oil improves hair quality. Serving as an excellent product for thick hair, it gives your hair a natural sheen. Be admired for your dazzling, healthy hair . This promising Amla Bhringrah Hair cleanser from hair masters of Khadi Organique restrains hair loss and enhances the structure and volume of your hair. Bhringraj widens blood vessels improving blood flow to the hair roots, resulting in hair growth. Amla contains tannins, which serve as an aid to prevent premature hair aging. Red onion hair conditioner Nourishes & Protects - Enriched with the premium-quality botanical extracts and loaded with vital nutrients, the hair conditioner supplies superior nourishment to the tresses that help to repair the damaged hair and decrease the risk of further hair damage.

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