Khadi Organique Hair Crowning Glory Combo

Make it come true with the natural therapy of luxuriant raw organic Amla and the traditional hair care product Bhringraj! This promising Hair cleanser from hair masters Khadi Organique restrains hair loss and enhances the structure and volume of your hair. Amla contains tannins, which serve as an aid to prevent premature hair aging. The moisturizing effect of Neem rejuvenates, restores and nourishes hair, making it smooth and silky. Brahmi replenishes hair roots and cures dandruff. The anti-bacterial herb Reetha helps to get rid of the problem of hair falling. The limonene present in lemon extract controls the rate of moisture loss of the hair, preventing hair breakage. 

Henna not only gives a lovely dark hue to the hair, it helps hair health in many ways. With its anti microbial and anti fungal properties, it keeps the scalp dandruff free. . Rosemary stimulates growth of hair, preventing graying and treating dandruff. The herbs like Amla, Brahmi, Shikakai etc. and Neem oil also improve hair quality restoring health of damaged dull hair. 

KHADI ORGANIQUE hair serum bring your hair alive and change your life. Stunning, smooth, silky hair can be all yours with this product. Banishing grime, dust & protecting hair from exposure to the sun, this light, non-greasy Hair Serum transforms hair instantaneously. Providing a protective shield on your hair, it turns dry, dull hair into shiny, soft, tangle free hair. An herbal ayurvedic formulation is for completely hair nourishment. This is a natural, safe and effective herbal remedy that promotes hair growth & stop hair fall. It makes hair soft, shiny and silky. Also enriched with Vitamin E can help reduce fizziness & boost shine. This antioxidant activity protects against free radicals damage from the sun.

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