Khadi Organique Natural Glowing Skin Combo

A regular use of this specially designed combo gives your skin a totally new glowing look as (1) Aloe Vera gel is a naturally soothing gel that is gentle on your skin while hydrating and nourishing it simultaneously. Its antiseptic properties shield skin from bacteria which in turn prevents acne and skin infections. Due to its natural cooling properties, aloe vera is a great product for soothing sunburns. (2)Effective Anti Ageing Cream keep you looking young and fresh all day long. Indulge in the anti-ageing magic of Khadi Organique, blended in the perfect proportion of invigorating extracts, magnificent essential oils, goat milk and kokum butter. Combat dryness and enhance the texture of your skin, minimizing wrinkled areas, healing scars and fighting other ageing symptoms.(3)This Saffron Soap is excellent nutrient-rich spice that supports healing & exfoliation. People can use this soap on their skin to speed up the healing process & fades scars, and hyperpigmentation, soothes skin problems & tone skin. Saffron has an ability to absorb moisture and chapped dried skin.

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